Dean of Students

Whether you plan to host or attend a party, it is important to stay safe and legal while enjoying a night out. Here are some recommendations to help minimize risk for yourself and your guests:

Before the Event

  • Be considerate of your neighbors. Talk to them prior to your event and agree on how to communicate if issues come up.
  • Provide food and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests.
  • Lock doors to private areas in your home (such as bedrooms or basements) and secure valuables in a safe place.
  • Have sober hosts to monitor the party and deal with any incidents that may occur.
  • Be aware of the risks associated with parties and know your rights as a host – check out the U-M Student Legal Services Party Manual for more information.

During the Event

  • Make sure those under 21 are not drinking. It is illegal to serve alcohol to anyone underage, and hosts can be held responsible for injuries that an intoxicated person causes or incurs at/after leaving a party.
  • Encourage everyone to Stay in the Blue
  • Control the noise level. Ann Arbor city code prohibits loud noise that disturbs others between 10 PM and 7 AM, and you may be fined for a noise violation.
  • Control the size of your event.
  •  Be polite to the police.
  • Leave your drinks behind when you leave a party. It is illegal to have open alcohol on public property such as sidewalks or streets.
  • Keep guests off of balconies and rooftops.
  • Discourage excessive uses of alcohol, such as competitive drinking games and high alcohol content mixed drinks like jungle juice or trash cans.
  • If you notice someone losing control, stop serving them alcohol and offer them food or a non-alcoholic beverage instead.
  • Use bathrooms not bushes.
  • Use trash containers, not the ground.

After the Event

  • If a guest has been drinking and wants to drive home, call a cab for them or let them sleep at your house. Do not allow people to drink and drive.
  • Clean up your yard and the surrounding area immediately following the party. Under Ann Arbor city code, individuals may be fined if their property is not kept free from litter.

Penalties for party-related law violations can include fines, probation, driver’s license restrictions, criminal conviction and even imprisonment. For a list of laws, policies, and ordinances related to alcohol and other drugs.