Dean of Students

This log is a summary of reported incidents to the campus Bias Response Team (BRT). Incidents reported to the BRT also may have been reported to law enforcement agencies or other university units. While documenting referrals made to other offices or agencies, this log does not track the outcome of work performed outside the purview of the BRT.   

Incidents summarized on this log are situations where reported harm has been caused in the campus community and may, in some cases, include legally protected speech. The BRT responds with support to harmed parties, makes referrals to resources as appropriate and engages in proactive and responsive education with involved parties who agree to participate.   

This data is reported in a general manner designed to protect the privacy of individuals involved.  In some cases, limited information is reported to the BRT and if a report was made anonymously, supportive or responsive follow up actions may be limited.

Multiple reports of the same incident are reported as a single incident for the purposes of this log. If the date of an incident reported was unknown or unspecified, the date the report was made to the BRT is used as the date of incident. 

Questions about the content of this Bias Incident Report Log may be sent to the Bias Response Team:

Incident Date Nature of Incident Method of Expression of Bias Location of Incident Summary of Response Actions
10/03/2017 Religion Vandalism/Destruction of Property - swastika carved into chalkboard On Campus: SMTD

UMPD took report and referred it to BRT; the carving was removed.

10/03/2017 Race Other (removal of Black Lives Matter sticker) On Campus: Haven Hall

Outreach to targeted party by member of BRT.

10/03/2017 Religion Other - Condom left near reflection room Reflection Room in Chemistry Building

BRT responded to bias incident reporters; meeting with key administrators has been scheduled to discuss additional security measures

10/02/2017 Religious Bias Graffiti - Swastika In the public elevator of the Ruthven Museums Building

Outreach to bias incident reporter; incident was previously reported to UMPD; symbol was removed from elevator.

10/01/2017 Race Verbal: offensive comment made to individual on campus Other: on State Street near the Union

Reported to UMPD initially who referred to Bias Response Team for additional follow-up/support

09/27/2017 Race Other: male urinating on Black Lives Matter mark and Block M on the Diag On Campus: Diag

Reported to DPSS and UMPD for investigation

09/25/2017 Race Verbal: threat of writing racist graffiti On Campus: North Quad

Support and resources provided to bias incident reporter(s)

09/25/2017 Race; Religion Electronic: email sent to SSW community Virtual (email)

School of Social Work response and engagement with impacted parties

09/24/2017 National Origin; Sexual Orientation Written: offensive sexual and other statements and drawings on whiteboard On Campus: Alice Lloyd

Support and resources provided to bias incident reporter(s)

09/24/2017 Race Written: anti-black graffiti on a bathroom door On Campus: South Quad

UMPD notified and report filed; support services offered to impacted person(s)

09/23/2017 Race Electronic: racial slurs/comments made in group chat targeting black and white communities Virtual (text)

Report filed with UMPD; increased DPSS presence in area; Housing Security investigation/interview of responsible party; Residence Education meeting with student; emergency housing offered to responsible individual

09/21/2017 Race Online/Social Media: racial (anti-black) slur posted online Virtual (Snapchat)

Outreach to bias incident reporter by BRT

09/21/2017 Race Electronic: email with racial slurs/commentary (anti-black messaging) sent to various people Virtual (Email)

Met with impacted person(s); offered support services.

09/20/2017 Color; Race Verbal: unprofessional offensive conversation with staff member On-Campus

Referred to OIE for response

09/20/2017 Race Verbal: racist (anti-black) slur said to students; recorded and shared via group text and posted online On Campus: in front of Michigan Union

UMPD arrested unaffiliated individual for disorderly conduct

09/20/2017 National Origin; Race; Religion Verbal: anti-Semitic conversation On Campus: Mary Markley

Referred to residence hall staff for follow-up and support

09/19/2017 Color; Race Written: racist graffiti on maintenance/custodial sign On Campus: Mosher Jordan

Offered support services to impacted person(s); investigation initiated by UMPD

09/18/2017 Race Written: racist (anti-black) statements and offensive drawings on whiteboard On Campus: West Quad

Reported incident to staff; met with impacted person(s); removed graffiti from whiteboard

09/17/2017 Race Written: racist graffiti on door decorations; Vandalism/Destruction of Property On Campus: West Quad

Investigation initiated by UMPD including taking statements from impacted person(s) and interviews with hall residents; met with impacted person(s); offered emergency housing and other support services to impacted person(s); increased floor checks by Housing Security.  University statementChief Diversity Officer statementPresident's remarks.

09/17/2017 National Origin; Race Verbal: mocking student's accent On Campus: Mitchell Field

Offered support services and resources to impacted person(s)