Dean of Students

This log is a summary of reported incidents to the campus Bias Response Team (BRT). Incidents reported to the BRT also may have been reported to law enforcement agencies or other university units. While documenting referrals made to other offices or agencies, this log does not track the outcome of work performed outside the purview of the BRT.   

Incidents summarized on this log are situations where reported harm has been caused in the campus community and may, in some cases, include legally protected speech. The BRT responds with support to harmed parties, makes referrals to resources as appropriate and engages in proactive and responsive education with involved parties who agree to participate.   

This data is reported in a general manner designed to protect the privacy of individuals involved.  In some cases, limited information is reported to the BRT and if a report was made anonymously, supportive or responsive follow up actions may be limited.

Multiple reports of the same incident are reported as a single incident for the purposes of this log. If the date of an incident reported was unknown or unspecified, the date the report was made to the BRT is used as the date of incident. 

Questions about the content of this Bias Incident Report Log may be sent to the Bias Response Team:

Incident Date Nature of Incident Method of Expression of Bias Location of Incident Summary of Response Actions
07/20/2017 National Origin Electronic: anti-immigrant Text Messages

Support services provided to impacted student; referral to OSCR; review by OIE

07/13/2017 Color; Race; Religion Online/Social Media: Facebook posts with anti-semitic and racially discriminatory remarks Virtual (personal Facebook page)

Met with Impacted Person(s); provided additional support by DOS in planning organizational event; referred to DPSS to discuss safety concerns.

07/06/2017 Gender Identity; Sex Inappropriate sexual language and drawings on whiteboards On Campus: West Quad

Followed up with HD and program facilitators in attempt to identify offender(s); impacted parties supported were residential campers departing the next day.

04/20/2017 National Orgin; Religion Online/Social Media Not reported

Outreach by Bias Response Team member to meet with bias incident reporter.