Dean of Students

This log is a summary of concerns reported to the Campus Climate Support staff. Concerns reported to the CCS staff also may have been reported to law enforcement agencies or other university units. While documenting referrals made to other offices or agencies, this log does not track the outcome of work performed outside the purview of the CCS staff.   

Concerns summarized on this log are situations where reported harm has been caused in the campus community and may, in some cases, include legally protected speech. The CCS staff responds with support to harmed parties and makes referrals to resources as appropriate. 

This data is reported in a general manner designed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.  In some cases, limited information is reported to the CCS staff and if a report was made anonymously, supportive or responsive follow up actions may be limited.

Multiple reports of the same incident are reported as a single incident for the purposes of this log. If the date of an incident reported was unknown or unspecified, the date the report was made to the CCS staff is used as the date of the incident. 

Questions about the content of this Campus Climate Concerns Log may be sent to Campus Climate Support staff: