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Halloween Tips

Expect Respect is a unique partnership among students, faculty, and staff with intentional collaboration and campus unity around our values.

Expect Respect upholds diversity, equity, and inclusion and honors all voices. It is an educational initiative aimed at supporting a campus climate in which all persons are treated with civility and respect while being their authentic selves.

How students experience their campus environment influences learning and growth. Having a positive campus climate can shape our institution into a community with a sense of belonging and a sense of home. A healthy campus climate is safe and inclusive and offers everyone a chance to succeed.

Community members from across campus work together to strengthen and create transformational prevention efforts. Join us to maintain a campus climate at the University of Michigan where everyone can thrive!  


Cultural Appropriation Perpetuates Harm

During the fall season and Halloween, Expect Respect encourages the campus to be mindful of cultural appropriation. 

Cultural Appropriation is:

  • Using someone else’s cultural symbols to satisfy a personal need for self-expression

  • Behavior that demonstrates an imbalance of power that still remains between cultures.

  • A pattern that leads to misunderstanding and devaluing the symbols and history that are meaningful to people of marginalized cultures

*Adapted from Source: Jarune Uwujaren, Everyday Feminism, September 30, 2013,

Support An Inclusive Campus Environment

To promote a healthy campus climate Expect Respect encourages you to avoid wearing something that may disrespect or belittle another culture.  Be aware of the impact of your actions.

Get involved! Create a dialogue within your student organization:

Visit the Expect Respect website to find out more and get involved!