Support for Physical and Mental Health Conditions

Dean of Students staff members often assist students who are coping with physical illness or injury and/or mental health conditions that may impact all aspects of student life including academics, housing, relationships, campus activities, and disability needs.  Students may arrive on campus with medical/mental health conditions or disabilities they have not previously disclosed; once on campus, they may find that they need assistance to manage these situations. Students may also experience new onset of a chronic or acute illness or experience an injury that is disruptive to their life on campus. In this case, they may need assistance locating resources for treatment and support while adjusting to this change in physical or mental health. Dean of Students staff members partner with students to assist them with accepting, accessing, and managing their health care situation.   

Parents of injured or ill students may wish to notify or request assistance from the Dean of Students team. We are able to make contact with the student by email or phone, if a number is provided. We also visit students if they are hospitalized and request this support or if we believe it is important to connect with them while they are in the hospital. We encourage students to engage in and direct their own health care/recovery planning as much as possible.