Missing Students

Sometimes it is difficult to determine if a student is missing or is voluntarily non-communicative. Dean of Students staff members are respectful of student’s privacy and personal relationships when trying to determine whether the situation is concerning. Campus personnel, including the University of Michigan Police Department, may be involved in a situation when a student is reported to be missing if there is a reason to be concerned for the student’s wellbeing.   If a student lives in the residence halls, Housing staff members may be the first point of contact to request assistance. A police officer may also be sent to the student’s off campus residence to perform a welfare check in cases where immediate danger is suspected. 

If you are unable to reach a student and have reason to think that the student may be missing or experiencing physical/mental health distress, you may contact the following offices for assistance:

  • University of Michigan Police Department Non-emergency: (734) 763-1131 or Emergency: 911
  • Dean of Students Office: (734) 764-7420

If you think the student is in immediate danger or need, call 911.