MFamily Program

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Introducing the MFamily Program

We know parents, family members, guardians, and supporters are critical to our Wolverines’ success, both inside and outside the classroom. And sometimes, you may need your own support system to help you support your student.

The MFamily Program team is your partner in your student’s success.

The Division of Student Life launched the MFamily program to make it easier for our Wolverines’ strongest supporters to connect with campus leaders and other families, and get the information and resources you’ll need to support your student’s growth.

The MFamily Program is comprised of the following services and activities:

The MFamily Portal program offers:

  • More customized communication options.
  • One convenient space to find our full family of programs and events—many designed specifically for you!
  • New ways to get involved and help shape future program offerings.

Ready to get started?

Through the MFamily program, there are even more ways to engage with campus staff and fellow parents, family members, and supporters.

  • Sign up for our MFamily Portal, a digital community where you’ll find the latest campus news and information.
  • Subscribe to our monthly Family Matters newsletter for a curated compilation of institutional news and snippets from campus life.
  • Consider joining the MFamily Association, an organization for the parents, families, and supporters of U-M students.
  • Connect with other family members at on-campus programs, performances, meet-ups, and more.

Have questions or want to learn more?

We’re here to help. Contact our MFamily Program team at [email protected].