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Safety Tips for Protesters

If you are planning to protest, you can follow these tips to reduce harm and the spread of COVID-19.

Before Protesting

  • Consider who is in your household and their health. Do not risk exposing them to COVID-19, especially if they are at higher risk complications.
  • Use the buddy system and ask a friend to go with you.
  • Let someone you trust know where you are going.
  • Learn your rights when it comes to getting stopped by police.
Students Protesting

Keeping Rivalry Classy & Protecting Our House!

The Spartans are coming! As our streets of maize and blue will clash with green and white, let's remember to maintain our repuation as the Leaders and Best and keep this rivalry classy! 

MSU and Umich football helmets

Graduate Student Safety and Support

Do you ever wonder if it’s OK to say no to a request from your advisor?  Have you ever felt uncomfortable around a colleague, student, or supervisor?  You may know how to stop a stranger on a bus from touching you, but what about someone you have to work with for the next few months or years?

Grad Student Studying in the Law Library

Would You Speak Up?

What would you do if someone you wanted to hook up with wouldn’t stop bugging you for sexual texts or photos?  What if you saw someone at a party at your house rubbing up against people without their consent?  Would you speak up? What could you say?

three students are taking pictures in front of a blackboard

Walking Alone At Night

It’s late. You’re studying for finals, so it’s only going to get later.  What’s your plan for walking home after dark?  Is it dangerous?  Is it safer to talk on your phone (so a friend knows where you are) or not to (so you’re more aware of your surroundings)?

Why Women’s Safety “Tips” Don’t Work

Women are often targeted for safety “tips” for avoiding sexual assault that are patronizing, impossible to implement, and rely entirely on false information about risk reduction.   How can students identify what really works?

Women Students on Campus

What Your Body Language Says to YOU

You’ve probably seen body language “experts” on TV talking about how to interpret someone else’s posture, eye contact, or gestures.  But have you ever thought about the messages that your body language sends to you?

Amy Cuddy & Wonder Woman

Keep Spring Break Fun and Safe

No matter what your Spring Break plans – you definitely don’t want to wake up your first day back more stressed, exhausted or overwhelmed than when you left.  To make sure you get what you want out of Spring Break, here are some important safety considerations to keep in mind, whether at home, on the beach, in the big city, or abroad. 

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Being an Active Bystander

What would you do if you saw someone at a party, in a class, or at your job touching women without their consent and making them uncomfortable?  Do you know what you would say?  What if you spoke up but they ignored you?  What if they got mad?  What if they grabbed you? 

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UM Safety Resources

There are lots of University of Michigan resources to help you think about your personal safety, talk about safety with your friends, and share responsibility for keeping our campus community a safe place.  Here are a few to consider:

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