Safety Information

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UM Safety Resources

There are lots of University of Michigan resources to help you think about your personal safety, talk about safety with your friends, and share responsibility for keeping our campus community a safe place. Here are a few to consider:

Sign up to receive University of Michigan emergency alerts.

Bike Safety

For many members of the University community, bicycling is the preferred mode of travel around campus. Do your part to stay safe when biking with these tips.

Reporting Crime

If you witness criminal or suspicious activity around campus, alert the police in a timely manner.

Parking and Vehicle Safety

If you have a car, consider these tips from the U-M Department of Public Safety to keep yourself and your vehicle safe.

Tips for a Safe Off-Campus House

Work with your roommates and neighbors to keep your off-campus house safe this year. Always remember to lock your door, and review these tips to protect your home and your belongings.

Late Night Transportation

Descriptions of the various late night transportation options available to students, including the University-run SafeRide program.

Medical Amnesty Law

In 2012, the State of Michigan adopted a medical amnesty law to remove perceived barriers to minors seeking or calling for help after consuming alcohol.

Fire Safety

Tips to prevent a fire in your off campus house or apartment.