Mission Statement and Core Values

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Mission: The Dean of Students Office promotes student development and enhances the Michigan experience of undergraduate and graduate students through programs, services, partnerships/connections, and policy development that promote an inclusive campus climate and facilitates the successful navigation of campus life.

Philosophy: Utilizing an educational, social justice orientation, the Dean of Students Office contributes to students’ individual development, promotes self-authorship, and facilitates a safe, vibrant, inclusive, healthy, and resilient University of Michigan community through the following four core areas of work:

Promoting a Safe, Respectful, Healthy and Inclusive Campus Community: 
The Dean of Students Office works to establish community standards and norms for a safe, respectful, healthy, inclusive, and inter-culturally dynamic campus community through various programs, services, response systems, and normative campaigns. The office seeks to be: proactive regarding issues of campus climate and student health and safety, an advocate for policies and services that provide students with the security, safety and inclusiveness needed to be academically successful, and reactive and responsive when campus norms are violated. The office informs the campus community about issues affecting the learning environment for students and seeks ways to foster inclusivity, civility, respect, and the development of resilient communities that foster health, well-being and safety.

Enhancing Students’ Michigan Experience:
The Dean of Students Office is a central place for students, parents, faculty, and staff to seek assistance in navigating the complex issues of campus life. The office provides support to students and tailored referrals designed to assist students as they integrate the rich array of resources available on campus to help solve concerns and enrich the student experience. The office facilitates student engagement, leadership and the reflective integration of formal and informal learning experiences in the preparation of globally-minded, environmentally conscious, civically-engaged, and socially responsible citizens.

Provides Support Services to Students and Manages Critical Incidents Impacting Students and the Campus Community:
The Dean of Students Office provides developmentally-appropriate support for individual students and communities who are experiencing life situations that pose a barrier to taking full advantage of their Michigan experience. The staff assists individuals or groups experiencing personal needs, campus-wide incidents, and national or international events. The office also coordinates the campus-wide consultation, behavioral intervention, and health advisory teams.

Responding to Emerging Needs within the Student Population:
The Dean of Students Office monitors, assesses, investigates, and responds to new and evolving needs of individual students or student groups. In partnership with others in the Division of Student Affairs and with the community at large, the office facilitates coordinated responses to immediate situations and develops proactive initiatives to prepare for future needs of the diverse student population.