Reporting Crime

person on phone

See Something? Say Something!

If you witness criminal or suspicious activity, alert the police in a timely manner.

To report a crime or an emergency, call 9-1-1. If you are on campus, the call will be routed to the University of Michigan Police Department (UMPD). If you are off campus, the call will be routed to the Ann Arbor Police Department or another appropriate law enforcement agency. At both agencies, dispatchers are available 24 hours a day to answer your calls and respond to incidents.

If you are on campus, there are several other ways to contact the UMPD if a crime is witnessed. You can send an emergency text message about a crime in progress to 377911 (DPS911) – be sure to indicate the type of crime, time and location of the incident, and any information about potential suspects in the message. Calls from on-campus blue-light emergency phones directly access UMPD. When the telephone receiver is removed from the cradle or the button is pushed, the UMPD Communications Specialist is automatically alerted and an officer is sent to the location of the telephone. No dialing or conversation is required, but if possible, try to describe the emergency to the Communications Specialist.

When a crime is reported on or off campus and the incident is judged to constitute an ongoing or continuing threat to the University community, UMPD will issue a campus-wide “Crime Alert.” A copy of the alert will be posted on the UMPD website ( and e-mailed to all students, faculty and staff. Flyers will also be posted in each residence hall and will be made available to all schools, colleges, and departments for posting.

If you are the victim of a crime and do not want to pursue action within the University or criminal justice system, still consider making a confidential report with the police. While keeping the matter confidential, this report could help ensure the future safety of yourself and others, and it will help the University keep accurate records of incidents involving students. Confidential reports of crimes can be given to any Campus Security Authority including Housing staff members, coaches, Division of Student Affairs staff, Office of Student Conflict Resolution staff, etc.