There are many resources available for anyone wanting to learn more about hazing as well as appropriate and safe activities for organizations and teams. Hopefully, you may be inspired to help "break the tradition" that is hazing. You CAN…

  • Educate your members or teammates
  • Make them aware of what hazing is and what the penalties are for the organization and themselves
  • Be proactive
  • Take advantage of resources that may help your group
  • Take action

If you suspect hazing, confront it and support the victim. If you have members or teammates who haze, report it and discipline those individuals.

University Offices/Departments

The following University of Michigan offices and departments are knowledgeable about hazing and would be sensitive to inquiries. To actually report an incident (i.e. there is an expectation that something will be done), see "How to Report".

Other Websites


Books & Videos

The Hazing Reader
Edited by Hank Nuwer. 
Collected edition of essays by top hazing experts, educators, sociologists, psychologists.

Making The Team - Inside the World of Sport Initiations and Hazing

Wrongs of Passage: Fraternities, Sororities: Hazing and Binge Drinking (This book is out-of-print. Please check your local library)
by Hank Nuwer - Indiana University Press

Wrongs of Passage (Fraternities, Sororities: Hazing and Binge Drinking) concentrates on hazing/alcohol misuse in Greek groups, with an eye toward changing behavior and noting actions of fraternal organizations to introduce true reforms. It also notes attempts by schools to find positive ways to combat hazing after hazing- or alcohol-related pledge deaths have occurred. However, Wrongs of Passage demonstrates that hazing has been a disturbing part of higher education since the Middle Ages. It concludes with strategies toward curtailing fraternal alcohol misuse and hazing and with a comprehensive, factual index of Greek deaths from hazing, alcohol misuse and other causes (including accidents) since the nineteenth century.

Torn Togas: The Dark Side of Campus Greek Life
by Esther Wright


Elizabeth J. Allan, Ph.D. -- 
Dr. Allan has over ten years of professional experience educating about hazing including lobbying efforts for the passage of a statewide anti-hazing law. She is the author of essays, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries on the topic of hazing and is co-founder and manager of She has served as a speaker and consultant for colleges and K-12 schools and has been interviewed about hazing for newspapers, radio, and popular magazines. Most recently, an interview with her is featured in Unless a Death Occurs, a PBS documentary about hazing.

Dr. Brian Crow -- 
An Associate Professor of Sport Management at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. His area of research involves hazing in athletics. He is the co-author of 2 law review articles and three textbook chapters on sport hazing, and presents to high school and university administrators, coaches, and student-athletes. For more information, visit Slippery Rock University's site, email, or call 724.738.2392

Rick Farnham -- 
Retired Director of Athletics at the University of Vermont, Richard (Rick) Farnham draws upon real life experience to help others prevent hazing. Rick has provided Hazing Prevention and Student Leadership Education presentations to students, faculty, and staff at numerous colleges and universities as well as regional and national meetings and conferences of intercollegiate athletics professionals. For more information, email or call (802) 862-7969

Douglas E. Fierberg -- 
An attorney and a partner with the Washington DC firm of Bode & Grenier, L.L.P., Mr. Fierberg has handled cases involving hazing across the nation and recently obtained a substantial verdict against a fraternity involved in a brutal hazing incident. He speaks on the legal aspects of hazing, and liability issues related to hazing. See his website or he can be contacted by email at or by phone at (202) 828-4100 and fax at (202) 828-4130.

Josh Goldman, M.A. --
The Director of Education for Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity brings the story of Scott Krueger, a Phi Gamma Delta pledge, who died as a result of hazing and alcohol abuse. Using an Emmy winning film titled "Tell Me Something I Don't Know, " Josh takes a fresh approach to facilitating risk education by allowing the participants to take the conversation where they want it to go through an open-ended program where guided discussion questions, initiated by a common viewing experience, allow the audience to "lead" the dialogue toward meaningful conversation.

Ricky L. Jones, Ph.D. -- 
Ricky Jones is the Associate Professor, Chair, and Political Science specialist in the Department of Pan-African Studies at the University of Louisville. He is the author of "Black Haze: Violence, Sacrifice, and Manhood in Black Greek-Letter Fraternities" published by State University of New York Press. Black Haze was the very first book solely dedicated to the subject of hazing in Black Greek-Letter fraternities. Jones received a B.A. in Political Science from Morehouse College and a Ph.D. in Political Philosophy and Comparative Politics from the University of Kentucky. He has served as a Lyman T. Johnson Fellow at the University of Kentucky and as a National Science Foundation Multi-Cultural Teaching Fellow at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Jones' work has been published in a number of local, regional, and national periodicals and journals. He can be contacted at or (502) 852-0027.

Will Keim, Ph.D. -- 
Will Keim has established a successful business speaking on a variety of issues facing college students. He also speaks about hazing and leadership issues related to Greek and other campus organizations. See his website or he can be contacted by email at: or by phone at 1-800-848-3897 or by fax at (541) 758-5658.

Hank Nuwer -- 
Mr. Nuwer is the author of three books on Hazing (Broken Pledges, Wrongs of Passage, and High School Hazing). He has presented at schools such as the University of Michigan, University of Oregon, University of Illinois, University of Maine, Cornell, and the University of Pennsylvania. He may be contacted through representative Jayne Moore at Contemporary Issues Agency at (800) 843-2179.

Dr. Thomas "Sparky" Reardon --
Dr. Reardon is the Dean of Students at The University of Mississippi. Sparky has spoken to thousands of college students across the country and at numerous conferences and conventions. He uses his many years of experience as the Dean of Students to reach the better nature of the individuals in the audience. Covered in his talk are personal commitment, values, determining what is hazing, developing alternatives, and strategy to stop hazing. He also works in workshop and retreat settings. He can be contacted at or at 662-915-5056.

Rita Saucier --
After the death of her son Chad as a result of hazing, Ms. Saucier started the anti-hazing organization Cease Hazing Activities and Deaths (C.H.A.D). Ms. Saucier is available for speaking engagements and can be contacted at:

Richard B. Sigal -- 
A recently retired professor of sociology who has been teaching in colleges for the past 37 years, Professor Sigal develops both sociological and psychological perspectives in the anti-hazing workshops and presentations he offers to colleges and high schools. He has participated in TV shows about hazing, has been cited in three of Hank Nuwer’s books, and has worked as an expert witness in hazing lawsuits. As a brother in a college fraternity, he knows hazing from the inside. He can be contacted by email at: or by phone at 201-317-8164 or 252-457-0962.

Eileen Stevens -- 
After 20 years of dedicated speaking throughout the country, Eileen is now retired. She began her speaking career in 1978 after her son, Chuck Stenzel, was killed in a hazing incident at Alfred University in New York. She proposed and saw the passage of anti-hazing legislation in New York and has assisted many others in passing similar legislation in other states. Much of her story is detailed in Nuwer's book Broken Pledges.

Dave Westol -- 
Mr. Westol has completed eighteen years of service as Chief Executive Officer at Theta Chi and now works as a consultant while continuing to make presentations on campuses and for high schools, including "Hazing on Trial", which he has presented over 1,700 times. He can be reached at or phone at 317-250-3799.

Dr. John A. Williams -- 
Dr. Williams is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Pan-Hellenic Issues. The Center is the outgrowth of his doctoral research on hazing and pledging in Black fraternities and sororities, and provides lectures, workshops, consultations, research development/analysis and seminars on hazing/pledging-related issues. He can be reached at or as well as P.O. Box 363, Cheyney University, Cheyney, PA 19382, and by phone at (610)-399-2386.


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