Aaron Kall

Director of Debate
Pronouns He/Him

Aaron serves as the Director of Debate for the University of Michigan Debate Program, a department within the Division of Student Life that reports to the Dean of Students Office which is committed to student learning and development via participation in numerous intercollegiate policy debate tournaments each fall and spring. Through a varsity traveling team, urban debate outreach efforts, etc. the Debate Program facilitates and enriches the educational experience of current University of Michigan students. The Debate Program currently has five FTEs.  Aaron provides general support, leadership, and vision to the program. In addition, he directs the administration and direction of the Debate Program (Team and Institutes); provides overall direction, supervision, and specialized instruction regarding the Michigan Debate Team’s research efforts, curriculum design support and teaching; fosters student participation in Debate through the national summer debate institute and other educational initiatives. Aaron is responsible for the development and implementation of the summer Debate Institutes and annual national high school debate tournament each fall and directs the program's annual recruiting and development efforts.
Before coming to the University of Michigan, Aaron was the Assistant Debate Coach at the University of Kentucky.  After coming to Michigan, Aaron served as the Assistant Director of Debate before taking on his current position in August 2002.  Aaron earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Kentucky in 2001 as well as a minor in Political Science.