Dean of Students

Student Fitness for Continued Enrollment

The purpose of this guidance is to provide information to academic units on how to effectively manage situations in which there is concern about whether a student with a mental health impairment is fit for continued enrollment or fit to return to enrollment after an absence. View the Guide

Student Fitness Poster

Conditions for Continued Enrollment Guidelines

After the student has been approved for re-enrollment, the academic unit may establish conditions for continued enrollment.

Conditions for continued enrollment should be consistent with the performance statements that are applicable to all similarly-situated students.  Recommendations for specific course enrollment should be advisory

Re-Enrollment Guidelines

Provide the student with information instructing him/her to make an appointment with the academic advisor before the re-enrollment submission deadline to discuss the factors that led to his/her absence, talk about the student’s activities during the absence, discuss future academic plans, and give guidance regarding the request for re-enrollment.

Pre-Departure Guidelines

Guidelines for faculty or staff members meeting with students prior to their departure from the University.