Dean of Students

Conditions for Continued Enrollment Guidelines

After the student has been approved for re-enrollment, the academic unit may establish conditions for continued enrollment.

Conditions for continued enrollment should be consistent with the performance statements that are applicable to all similarly-situated students.  Recommendations for specific course enrollment should be advisory, unless courses are required as prerequisites or for another specified reason related to the program of study.


Examples of appropriate conditions for continued enrollment:

  • maintain a certain minimum grade point average
  • maintain a certain grade per course
  • enrollment in a certain number of credit hours
  • regular meetings with academic advisor to discuss academic progress


Examples of inappropriate conditions for continued enrollment:

  • participation in or completion of counseling or psychotherapy
  • regular status reports from the treating health care provider
  • submission to psychiatric/psychological examination or testing
  • requiring a student to take courses out of course sequence
  • prohibiting the student’s involvement in extracurricular activities
  • requiring a student to engage in academic enrichment courses that are not required of other similarly-situated students
  • requiring a student to register with Services for Students with Disabilities


In the Re-enrollment Agreement, schools and colleges should provide students with information on resources for academic success by listing departmental resources such as tutoring programs and writing centers along with University resources such as Services for Students with Disabilities and Counseling and Psychological Services.

If students are informed of the terms for reinstatement by letter, rather than by a standard form, it is advisable that the letter is approved by the General Counsel’s Office prior to issuance of letter to the student.