Re-Enrollment Guidelines

Meeting with Academic Advisor

Provide the student with information instructing them to make an appointment with the academic advisor before the re-enrollment submission deadline to discuss the factors that led to their absence, talk about the student’s activities during the absence, discuss future academic plans, and give guidance regarding the request for re-enrollment.

Reinstatement Committee

Provide the student with information about the Reinstatement Committee including information about how often the committee meets, who comprises the committee, the timeline for notification of committee decisions, and the appeals process.


Sensitive Documents

If a student’s absence from the program of study is primarily due to health reasons, schools or colleges may request a statement from the student’s physician regarding the student’s fitness for return to the program.

Ensure that all personal documents, including statements of the student’s health status, are handled in a sensitive manner and viewed only by the appropriate individuals. Confidential medical or treatment records are to be kept separate from the student’s official academic record. 


Denial of Re-enrollment

If the school or college permits a student to appeal a denial of re-enrollment, ensure that the student whose petition for reinstatement has been denied is provided with detailed information about the appeals process.

If the school or college requires a specified period of absence from school before a student may apply for re-enrollment, ensure that the student knows that they are permitted to petition for earlier reinstatement or readmission pending review.