Dean of Students

MSU and Umich football helmets

The Spartans are coming! As our streets of maize and blue will clash with green and white, let's remember to maintain our repuation as the Leaders and Best and keep this rivalry classy! 

Staying in the Blue on game day is always important! Strategies people use to Stay in the Blue are:

  • People who do not drink are always in the Blue!
  • Keeping track of their drinks to stay at or below a .06% blood alcohol content
  • Pacing their drinks (slowing down)
  • Avoiding shots of hard liquor
  • Eating substantial food before and while drinking
  • Alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Download and use the Stay in the Blue app

Expect Respect: We all need to GIVE respect to get it. Behave with integrity and consideration for others--including other Wolverines and visitors. 

Let’s make sure the biggest story of the weekend is about a Wolverine victory. GO BLUE!